Car Park Line Markings in Acre

Car Park Line Markings in Acre

We're able to apply specialist thermoplastic markings for car parks which clearly indicate each space, and other signs and graphics can be added as well.

Applying Line Markings in Acre

Applying Line Markings in Acre

When applying line markings to your car park, it can be a difficult process, but our specialist team have all the right tools and equipment for you to get the best results.

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Car Park Line Markings in Acre

We are specialists in the application of car park line markings to both small and large parking areas at supermarkets, shopping centres, schools, visitor attractions and many other locations in Acre OL1 4 .

The material we typically use for this process is thermoplastic as this is an extremely durable and hard-wearing road marking option. Depending on your budget and the end result you need, these lines can be applied onto the existing tarmac, or onto a layer of specialist anti-slip paint.


Line Marking Safety in Acre 

Organisations often have specialist designs applied to their car-park if they want to make certain areas stand out or apply graphics that indicate navigational instructions. These could include simply marking out lines between each parking space, arrows to show directions, safety instructions or symbols for things like designated disabled spaces.

It’s important to have these things clearly marked out in public car parks to ensure drivers and pedestrians are aware and can keep safe when moving around the area. A range of colours is available for the parking lines as well as the anti-slip paint so you can create a design that suits what you need and is eye-catching for users to follow.

It’s extremely important to encourage safe use of public areas especially where there are a lot of vehicles driving around, so we always advise having clear markings in these places. Please contact us through the quick form on this page to discuss the costs of applying car parking line marks for your outdoor area.

You can also look here - to see how our cycle lane markings can be used within your cark park. 

How to Apply Line Markings Near Me

To ensure you get the best quality markings as possible for your surrounding area you should follow these simple steps; 

  1. Brush your surface to get rid of any build-up of dirt or contaminants 
  2. Give the nearby area a gentle light wash to ensure the dirt has been fully removed
  3. If there are any holes in the ground, make sure they have been filled in
  4. Apply the line-markings in the design required
  5. Allow the paint to fully dry
  6. Maintain the surface by occasionally brushing the floors 

These steps should be followed if you wish for a high-quality outcome and a long-lasting finish. 


Thermoplastic Car Park Lines in Acre 

For these projects, the thermoplastic car-park lines in Acre OL1 4 are perfect because they are extremely long-lasting and durable enough to withstand heavy use from all kinds of vehicles. The chosen shapes will be cut out in hard plastic prior to the application process.

During application, the shapes and lines will be laid out in the desired place and then heated up until they melt, making them stick firmly onto the macadam surface. These graphics are available in a variety of shapes and colours to suit each project and design requirement so you can fully customise the finished result.

Safety should always be a paramount concern for public car parks in Acre OL1 4 so these lines offer anti-slip properties to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from slipping over, especially in wet conditions.

The specialist thermoplastic park lines are vibrant and long-lasting so they’ll retain their bright colours over long periods of time. We can install these line markings using specialist equipment to ensure perfect coloured graphics and designated spaces for your local facility closest to you.

Whether the car park is in a school or airport we are able to offer you the best quality line markings in order to get the results you require. 

Car Park Markings Specification Near Me

We are aware that every facility will have different needs when it comes to surface markings. Some bigger facilities such as supermarkets and shopping centres will need larger car-park markings, whereas smaller facilities like sports centres and schools will not need the line markings on such a large scale.

Therefore we're able to adapt to fit your needs and can work in all area sizes. As well as adapting to the size we can adapt the colour of the designs. If you are looking for typical marking colours such as white, yellow and red we're able to carry this out for you. But we also offer a wider range of colours that we can supply depending upon your needs for the facility.

We also offer extremely durable car park bay painting across the UK.

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