Car Park Bay Painting in Asney

Car Park Bay Painting in Asney

Our services include applying specialist painting and thermoplastic markings for car park bays including traditional lines and designated spaces.

Colour Coating Car Parks in Asney

Colour Coating Car Parks in Asney

We use durable cold plastic paint for colour coating parking spaces as this provides long lasting anti skid qualities and comes in a variety of colour choices.

Thermoplastic Line Markings in Asney

Thermoplastic Line Markings in Asney

If you are interested in finding out about how thermoplastic line markings can improve your car park, feel free to talk to a member of our specialist team today!

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Car Park Bay Painting in Asney

Many supermarkets, public attractions and other organisations in Asney BA16 9 have car park bay painting done in bright colours to create vibrant parking spaces which are attractive and clear to see. We specialise in coating these areas with long-lasting paint which is resistant to heavy vehicular traffic and provides anti slip qualities for safety.

Depending on what is needed, we can come up with a design for your car parking area which looks great and suits your budget. Just fill out the contact forms provided where we will get back to you and offer our expert advice.


Line Marking Specification Near Me

For the car park bay painting process, we use a specialist cold plastic marking material that is applied to the existing tarmac surface. The paint is designed to be long lasting and heavy duty so it won’t fade with regular use from various types of vehicles.

For organisations that want to indicate different features like disabled parking spaces or parent and child spaces, these can be painted in contrasting colours like white, red, blue and yellow. We offer coloured designs so you can create a bespoke appearance for your car park which is also functional for the users.

As well as applying colour to the whole area of the parking spaces, we can also apply thermoplastic markings to bays. These could be for white lines between each space, and graphics to indicate things like disabled spaces and other navigation signs.

If you would like to make an enquiry about car-park bay painting at your facility in Asney BA16 9 please fill in the contact form with your details. One of our nearby experts will get back to you to talk about the costs of applying specialist paint for outdoor parking areas.

We can also offer you further information regarding cycle lane markings and ways in which they can improve your car parks. 

What is Car Park White Lining?

Car-park white lining is the design used to direct drivers and indicate parking bays. These white lines are applied to existing flooring and have anti-slip qualities to ensure the safety of those who walk and drive along the lines.

The markings are commonly in facilities closest to you that have a high usage such as local public attractions, shopping centres, supermarkets etc... which are used to show parking areas and give floor signs such as arrows to keep the flow of vehicles around the parking space.

We also offer pathway painting which can be used in car parks and facilities in Asney BA16 9 that are looking for safer surfaces. 


Colour Coating Car Parks Near Me

Some of the most popular local facilities that we visit when colour coating car parks include large shopping centres, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and any other organisations that might have a lot of visitors throughout the day.

During the application process for these areas, the specialist plastic paint material will be poured onto the existing tarmac and spread out using rollers. Masking tape will be put down beforehand to mark out the desired spaces so the paint coating has even lines around the edges.

Once the heavy duty paint has dried, thermoplastic markings can be put down for lines between each space and for graphics to indicate directions or who the spaces are for.

Thermoplastic Line Markings in Asney 

Thermoplastic car park markings come as hard plastic shapes which are laid onto the required space and then heated up until they melt and stick to this surface.

These types of markings are extremely durable and resistant to wear which makes them perfect for heavily used areas. Just like the paint coatings, thermoplastic graphics also come in a range of different colours and provide slip resistance for added safety in public areas.

You can choose a unique design with the parking bay painting and coloured graphics to make the surrounding area stand out so users can clearly see each space and any navigational markings.

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We specialise in colour coating car parks in Asney so feel free to contact our team if you’d like to discuss a quote for applying bay markings at your facility. We will gladly send you any product sheets that you need and answer all your questions as well as giving you an idea of costs for your particular project.


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