Anti-Slip Pathway Paint in Airton

Anti-Slip Pathway Paint in Airton

Slip resistant paint is often applied to pathways at public facilities, schools playgrounds and car parks in order to create a safe walkway surface.

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Anti-Slip Pathway Paint in Airton

In many public areas in Airton BD23 4 , anti-slip passageway paint is applied to create a colourful design and to keep people safe from slipping over. We offer this service for numerous facilities using different coloured paints and designs.

The specialist plastiroute material that we use is a cold applied plastic coating which has an aggregate mixed in to create the slip-resistant qualities. Feel free to contact us for advice on the costs to apply these coatings to an outdoor surface. We are happy to give you everything you need to know in order to get the greatest results that suit you. 


What is Slip Resistant Paint?

Slip-resistant paint is a colouring that can be placed on the nearby surface that reduces the number of trips and slips. The paint we provide come in a range of colours and have any design you want for your facility. The colour may be placed upon any surface you have chosen, and produces a non-stick walkway.

This is good for local facilities that have a lot of usage by pedestrians such as, public attractions, schools, streets and outdoor shopping centres. This can also be needed for warehouse floor markings as this will take a lot of traffic and will need to be safe for the users passing. 

Speak to our specialist team today if you're interested in finding out more information and would like to receive further details. Just fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Anti Slip pathways for Schools Near Me in Airton 

Schools in Airton BD23 4 often have these anti-slip walkway paint applications done to create colourful walkways throughout the playground or other outdoor areas around the school. This is done to create a safe surface for children so they don’t fall when walking or running around. Thermoplastic markings will sometimes be added to outline the path and add instructions using arrows and lettering.

We offer a number of colour choices for the anti-slip pathway painting, so you can choose a bright design or simply have the coating in black to upgrade a tired macadam surface.

Feel free to complete our enquiry form if you've got any questions about the materials we use for anti-slip passageway paint, or if you'd like a quote for us to carry out this work. One of our local experts will gladly send you all the information you need including an idea of costs and designs.


Cost of Anti-Slip Paint in Airton 

Many individuals looking for anti-slip paint in Airton BD23 4 will ask how much it will cost. This is important to consider when creating your floor markings, as you will probably have a budget in place. Unfortunately, there is not always one set price for this service as there are multiple factors that have to be considered. The main way in which the cost will vary is due to the amount of paint you need.

Obviously, if you require a whole warehouse to be line marked with anti-slip paint, this will have a high cost than a smaller area. It is best to tell us your budget before we begin the process so we can always find the options that suit you best. If you're interested in receiving a quote, get in touch with us today. We are happy to provide you with everything you want to know to find the price that meets your requirements. 

Walkway Non-Slip Colour Coating Near Me

If you are looking for a specialist to apply a walkway non-slip colour coating, we can offer these services for a range of clients. The cold plastic is poured out onto the desired surface and then spread evenly using a roller.

Before we apply the colouring we will mark out the chosen area using tape to ensure even lines around the edges of the coating. We will often put thermoplastic line-markings onto the edges of the pathway to make it stand out. The thermoplastic material is heat applied to the tarmac surface making it extremely hard wearing and durable, as well as being skid resistant.

If you would like to add any thermoplastic graphics to your anti-slip pathway, we can do this as well. Commonly chosen graphics include arrows to give directions, road markings, wording and fun markings for kids to engage with if it is a school pathway or surrounding area.

For public facilities and attractions closest to you, the designs could be used for navigating around the area and creating a designated walkway that is bright and easy to follow.

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