Anti-Slip Step Paint in Templeborough

Anti-Slip Step Paint in Templeborough

In sports stadiums and other public facilities, steps can be painted with non slip cold plastic paint to create anti slip qualities in a bright colour.

Steps Safety Painting in Templeborough

Steps Safety Painting in Templeborough

Stadium steps can also have thermoplastic strips applied to the edges to create more slip resistance and help the steps stand out.

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Anti-Slip Step Paint in Templeborough

Many organisations in Templeborough S9 1 have anti-slip step paint applied to improve the safety qualities in particularly if members of the public may be using the steps on a regular basis. For sporting stadiums, having specialist paint applied to the steps is something that is often done.

Facilities like this tend to have a lot of steps in between seating rows to allow easy access to seats and to exits. These steps will often be made from concrete which can become slippery and unsafe over time with heavy use, and particularly during wet weather. We offer anti slip step painting services to suit your budget and keep costs at a great value.


To find out more about the anti-slip paint we provide in Templeborough S9 1 please fill in the contact form provided. Our experts are happy to give you further details that can improve your surrounding areas and make them safe for use. 

Anti-slip Application Near Me

During the application process, we use specialist anti-slip step paint which is a cold applied plastic material. This is poured onto the surface and spread out using a roller to create an even finish in a colour of your choice. Before the colour is applied, an aggregate could be mixed in to provide the anti-slip qualities as this adds more texture to the finished surface.

If you would like some more details about anti slip step acrylic and the services that we offer for sports stadiums and other public facilities, please fill in our contact form. We have worked with many local organisations and our team would be glad to speak to you about costs for applying non-slip paint to your steps or surrounding areas. We may also apply slip paint to playground markings which can ensure children are able to play safely and securely. 

Slip Resistant Paint Specification 

The anti-slip acrylic that we offer in Templeborough S9 1 can range in colour. We could provide bright vibrant colours that are noticeable for the public and can act as a mark way system. These colours may be perfect for facilities and pathways that may need to guide people where there could be high footfall such as sports stadiums and public attractions.

We can also offer colours such as black and grey that will be less obvious and for the main purpose to reduce trips and slips. We are able to apply the paint to any surface area no matter the size. Depending upon the size of chosen grounds you are painting will vary the costs of the project. To find out more about the costs or colours we offer, please fill out the form above. 


Steps Safety Painting in Templeborough 

When the layer of slip-resistant paint has been applied to these surfaces, we can then add a strip of thermoplastic to the front edge of each step to enhance the safety qualities even further. This is supplied as a hard strip of plastic that will be placed on the step and then heated up and melted with a burner which makes the plastic stick onto the step.

When this is added along with the steps safety painting, it helps to prevent people slipping and falling on the steps when walking up and down.

Both the anti-slip step paint and the thermoplastic strips can be applied in different colours to make them stand out and be eye-catching for people using the surrounding area. They are also both extremely durable and long-lasting so they won’t become worn out quickly through people walking up & down every day.

When looking at surface markings, you may consider road white line markings which can help the safety of roads across the UK. 

Thermoplastic Steps Near Me

We deliver a lot of distinctive line markings as well as thermoplastic services. Various facilities have thermoplastic lines and markings employed on the ground surface because they're slide proof. These items are usually employed on sports stadium stairways.

Due to the dynamics of the product, its anti-slip properties considerably enhances the hold the surface can offer. Concrete steps at sports arenas and stadiums may become slippery specially when they get wet. In case the cement gets slippery it can be hazardous for individuals walking up and down and this can result in injuries.

Prior to markings, we apply anti-slip fresh paint first in the colour of your personal preference. The fresh colour used possesses an inbuilt aggregate that makes sure traction force. The thermoplastic marking is going to be placed on the boundary of the step to improve grasp even more. It helps to ensure that individuals utilizing your facility closest to you tend to be certain basic safety and assures simply no incidents can happen.

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