Runway Line Markings

Runway Line Markings

We apply durable and long lasting markings to airport runways

Expert Installers

Expert Installers

Our team of experts ensure that the markings are of a high standard and quality

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Airport Runway Markings

Airport Runway Markings can be easily provided. The typical airfield airstrip is roughly between 8,000 and 12,000 ft long so professional contractors are crucial in ensuring that the correct lines are fitted to the correct dimensions. If you would be interested in finding out more, get in touch with us today.

We are happy to give you everything you need to know in order to get the airport markings that suit you best. Or you can look here - to see how warehouses can also benefit from line-markings. 


What are Runway Markings?

Airport line marks are those painted on the surface of the runway. They are crucial as they ensure the pilots understand the route they need to take off and land. The airstrip marks usually consist of a threshold, touch down zone, fixed distance marks and a centre line.

All of which serve a purpose to the airport and pilots. The line paintings obviously must be highly visible to ensure that the pilots can see them during the night. However, the lines should include lighting to make sure this is possible.

Runway Numbers Near Me

Airfield runway markings include numbers that are very important to ensure that the pilots are filled in on where on the airport surface they are. If a number 7 was drawn, for example, it would signify that there are 7000 ft remaining.

Due to the line paintings being spread out over this larger number, we understand that maintenance may not be completed as regularly as possible. However, if any repairs are needed, we will ensure that we help you by providing our expertise to guide you on a time, place and cost for the required repair to happen.

A repair could be repainting the line-markings which are commonly faded after the many times they have been used. Even if you're hesitant about calling us, please feel free to get in touch as we can supply a team, of specialists to visit your facility and analyse it for you.

This will then tell you if you require repairs or if you are able to continue without them. However, the team usually recommend repairs as soon as possible to save the client money. This is because of the growth in price that can occur when damage is left unrepaired because of the growth in damage.

The damaged area closest to you usually grows with time and use and will consequently cost much more money to repair than it would have at first. 


Airport Markings Costs

Airfield line designs in need to withstand the weight of several planes and therefore we ensure that our surfaces and surface markings intended for runways are made from the highest quality of durable materials.

After a time, the surface could become vague and fade. However, with the correct maintenance plan in action, you will be able to maximise the life span of your airstrip surface. We always recommend a proactive maintenance plan when cleaning your area but considering that the lines will be spread over a huge surface this can be quite difficult to achieve.

If you'd like to find out more information regarding any of the paint for airports or pathways speak to our specialist team today who can offer you everything you need to know. 

Line Marking Specification Near Me

Most nearby airports opt for white bold graphics on the surface and its surrounding areas. This is due to the white being vibrant against the dark tarmac surface and can be seen clearly from different heights. As this is an important factor we often recommend white paint.

However, we can supply other colours and designs to suit your facility, whether that be the main line-markings or smaller details. We can offer a wide range of colours and can fit the designs to meet your needs. Our local expert team are happy to help with the design process and ensure you receive the perfect graphics that you require.

To find out more about the designs out the airport marking designs and colours, please fill in the contact form provided. 

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If you'd like to hear more regarding Airport Runway Markings then please feel free to contact our specialist team as soon as possible. They are experts in providing clients with key information to answer their questions. The sooner you ask, the sooner they can answer.



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