Playground Coloured Painting in Badshot Lea

Playground Coloured Painting in Badshot Lea

Children's playground surfaces can often look work out and tired, so we can apply anti slip paint coatings and colourful markings to brighten up the surface.

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Playground Flooring Coloured Painting in Badshot Lea

Coloured painting is usually applied to tarmac for recreational areas and playground flooring in Badshot Lea GU9 9 . The colours create a more vibrant and exciting appearance for schools and other facilities which can help interact with the kids and engage them in fun activities. 

Lots of play areas in schools, parks and nurseries will have painted line markings for different games and activities that the children play. Over time these graphics can become faded and worn out leaving the whole area looking tired and in need of some care.


This is where we offer our specialist painting services for playground flooring to improve the appearance and add better safety qualities. A range of designs and specifications can be discussed to suit your budget so feel free to ask us about the costs. We also offer safety painting for steps and other facilities which could be hazardous. 

If you would like to find out more regarding Playground paintings in Badshot Lea GU9 9 please fill in the contact form provided. We are happy to provide your playground with all the fun floor markings it needs in order to make it an enjoyable place for kids to play. 

What is Playground Surface Paintings?

Playground Surface Paintings are the designs set in place to make an area appear more interactive and vibrant. These designs are usually located in schools, nurseries and facilities targeted at children and young people.

The graphics can range from fun designs such as; shops, snakes and ladders and cars, to educational features such as maps, number grids and compasses. The line-markings closest to you can be used by children of all ages and can benefit their learning as they can stimulate their minds whilst also having fun.


Line Marking Design Options Near Me

Children’s play areas in Badshot Lea GU9 9 should be engaging and fun, so having brightly coloured paint and markings applied to the surface makes it look a lot more exciting. The material we use for playground flooring coloured paint is a cold plastic solution that will be poured onto the chosen tarmac area and spread out to leave an even finish.

This can be done in bright colours for a vibrant design, or in black to give the existing macadam a much cleaner look and a new lease of life. The paint is extremely durable and provides anti-slip properties to keep kids safe and prevent injuries when using the area.

Whether you need line markings for playground or cycle lanes we're happy to be on hand to give you the results you require. 

Lots of nearby schools, nurseries and public play areas have play area flooring coloured painting applied and we are a specialist contractor for these services. Our nearby experts can send you over all the details on prices and specifications so feel free to complete our enquiry form and we’ll come back with a quote.

How to Apply Playground Surface Paint

When looking to apply playground surface paint in Badshot Lea GU9 9 it is important that you have specialists on hand to carry out the job. To do this, we follow these simple steps:

  1. Brush the existing surface to remove dirt and contaminants
  2. Give the area a gentle jet wash
  3. Apply the paint in the chosen design 
  4. Leave the surface markings to dry 

Whether you're looking for paint for a playground or cycle lane our specialists are fully trained and qualified to give you the results you want. Just fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back in touch as soon as we can with everything you need to know. 

Tarmac Play Area Paint in Badshot Lea 

Our team of local installers are specialists in applying tarmac play area paint, and we’ll be able to help you decide on the perfect design for your playground surface. By using the specialist cold plastic material, we can achieve a hard-wearing finish that has non-slip properties and is resistant to abrasion and wear from regular use.

We often include decorative colourful graphics and markings for the play surfacing which come in a thermoplastic material and are also designed for durability. These will be cut into the desired shapes, laid out onto the painted tarmac and then heated using specialist equipment until they melt and fuse to the surface.

Shapes that we offer in thermoplastic playground markings include letters, numbers, snakes and ladders, grids, animals and a variety of other designs depending on what you want. These can all be incorporated into an overall design that is both fun and educational for children of different age groups.

Having tarmac play area paint applied is a great solution for recolouring old recreational surrounding areas and upgrading them into exciting new facilities.

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We're happy to answer any queries you may have and give you all the necessary information which can improve your surrounding areas. 


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