High Friction Road Surfacing

High Friction Road Surfacing

As expert installers of high friction road surfacing we can apply ski resistant coatings to parts of the road where drivers may be required to break quickly.

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High Friction Road Surfacing

We are specialists when it comes to installing high friction road surfacing and have worked on various roadways, motorways and car parks across the country. This type of flooring specification can be installed in a variety of places to improve skid resistance and create a much safer environment for pedestrians and road users.

We can offer more information on the specialist coating and provide details on costs and prices to install on existing surfaces if required. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please fill in your details using the contact box provided on this page.


What is High Friction Surfacing?

High friction road surfacing is a kind of binder coating that can be applied to surfaces to create anti-skid properties. This sort of surface is often used for roads, motorways, pathways and car parks. You will find HFS applied to bus lanes and cycle lanes too, as the added skid resistance can prevent accidents.

Similarly, steps and ramps may have HFS installed https://www.outdoor-surface-painting.co.uk/safety/anti-slip-step-paint/ to prevent people falling over and becoming injured. The high-friction surfaces are available in a variety of different colours, meaning that they will stand out; this is great for car parks and individual lanes so that people can distinguish between lanes and parking bays.

HFS can be installed via a hot or cold application. The hot applied installation consists of a mixture of glue and calcined bauxite which is pre-mixed to form a hot mixture, which can then be installed onto the surface. The cold applied system involves applying a strong liquid binder to the surface and then installing calcined bauxite stone aggregate. We can provide more info on the installation process if required, simply complete the contact box and we shall get back to you right away.

Anti Skid Surfacing Guidance Near Me

We only make use of professional installers who have been approved by HAPAS and BBA to ensure top quality installations. When carrying out the works, our installers will make sure that the correct accreditations are met. Although we may not be the cheapest installers, we do offer the best value for money - making use of premium materials and specialist equipment.

When thinking about the guidelines for anti-skid roadways, you will have to first think about the surface spec. The specification of anti-skid surfacing consists of an epoxy resin dressed with high PSV calcined bauxite aggregate.

This particular specification is available in HAPAS and BBA Approved Type 1 Hot or Cold lay. It is required that you have HAPAS and BBA approved installers carry out the works for the best results. When having these specifications installed, you will find that they comply with Clause 924 skid-resistant flooring and are BBA Type 1 approved. Should you require more information on anti-skid surface guidance, please contact our local team using the enquiry form presented on this page.


Road Surface Treatments Association

The RSTA have put down a new anti-skid resistance policy for roadways. The new policy will monitor the skid resistance of roadway surfaces in an attempt to keep roadway users safe. Any nearby roads which lack grip will need to undergo additional maintenance to improve skid resistance.

This is a great way to improve the safety on roads and surrounding areas, as cars, motorbikes and other vehicles will be less likely to skid in bad weather conditions. You can look here - https://www.outdoor-surface-painting.co.uk/warehouse/floor-marking/ to see how warehouses can also benefit from high friction paint to help increase safety. 

Polished Stone Value Specification

Polished Stone Value or PSV is basically used to measure the skid resistance. By carrying out PSV tests, we found that calcined bauxite has resistance to abrasion from vehicle tyres and polishing. The specification showed us that this manufactured aggregate has a polished stone value of PSV70+.

This kind of HFS is generally used for motorways and roads as it has a good anti-skid which means it's safer for road users. Areas like cycle lanes and hatched areas may have a lower PSV (usually around PSV65), as they will not need as much skid resistance as motorways and roadways closest to you.

High Friction Surfacing Colours  Near Me

HFS comes in a number of different colours; this makes it perfect for roadways and pedestrian areas where specific colours will need to be used to distinguish between specific areas. The coloured roadways can help to guide cyclists, pedestrians and other road users.

Coloured high-friction surfaces have adapted the original anti-skid coating and improved them. These coloured surfaces are made using pigmented calcined bauxite. The pigmentation is added either before or during the installation of the coating.

It is important that the correct high-friction surfacing colours are used when installing road markings such as zebra crossings and bus lanes; this is because road users will associate the markings with particular colours and so if the wrong colours are used the road markings could become confusing, which may even result in accidents. These coloured surfaces are great for presenting hazards to road users and also adds decorative designs. 

High Friction Surface Treatment Cost

The average cost for an HFS treatment for a road would be £1.4m and for a motorway, it would be around £1.7m. Although this sounds like a lot of money, it is done to save lives! When compared to how many accidents could occur without this anti skid safety surface, you'll find that it's only a small price to pay.

These types of surfaces have been found to reduce accidents by 57%. If you'd like more details on the HFS treatment cost, please get in touch with us and we will be able to discuss the prices in more detail. You can also look here - https://www.outdoor-surface-painting.co.uk/playground/playground-coloured-painting/ to see more about the range of paints we provide that can be ideal for playgrounds. 

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We would be more than happy to offer you further information regarding the HFS coating which we install if you wish to find out more. Being the best HFS installers in the UK, we are able to discuss the advantages of this type of flooring in more detail if necessary.

We only make use of premium materials, meaning that all of our installations will be of top quality. We pride ourselves on the installation of HFS, which is why we are certain that we can provide the best services at great value for money. If you wish to speak to a member of our team regarding the high friction road surfacing please complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you at the earliest convenience. 



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